Sarawak Canadian Graduates Association was registered from 1983 and it grew under leadership of Sim Kwang Yang. Earlier committee consists of Dr Lawrence Tseu, Richard Chan, Voon Gek Kee (secretary), Dr Thomas Chung with 1″ meeting at Sarawak Club with John Ting as President for Pro term committee.
In 1988, the association was demise.

Current KCGA

KCGA (Kuching Canadian Graduates Association) was registered on 20 November 2008 to distinguish from the last association. It came about the encouragement of the Canadian High Commissioner who recommended Philip Yong to revive the association by re-registering the association which took almost 2 years.

Earlier committee consists of:
Philip Yong                         (President)
Malcolm Lee                      (V-President)
Voon Gek Kee                   (Treasurer)
Eunice Chan                      (Secretary)
James Chabu                     (Member)
Robert Basiuk                   (Assoc member)
Jayl Langub                       (Member)

Later committee members include Allan Bong, Simon Yeo, Yong Sie Mee, Helen Teng, Goh Haw Seng, Clara Chai
1st function to introduce KCGA and for registering of new members was held at Jambu Restaurant with the Canadian Trade Commissioner in attendance.

Vision – To inspire our Canadian graduates to the best they can be in society, business and contribute to local community .

Mission – Our alumni association seeks to connect, cultivates and channel the power of alumni to advance in service, fellowship and influence and to foster good relationship between Canada and Malaysia.